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'Pasha deservedly remains the top spot for Turkish food in Angel.'
Time Out Eating & Drinking Guide 2009

Thirty years ago, 301 Upper Street, Islington was dishing up the best fry-ups in North London. Now, the same venue, called Pasha, is serving up outstanding Turkish delights to the whole of London.

Pasha offers a unique range of traditional and modern Turkish cuisine – the likes of which has never been seen in the UK before. Established as a top quality Turkish restaurant in 1992, Pasha has built up a reputation for excellent food, service and atmosphere.

Now those distinguishing features are continued, but like the restaurant, the menu has been improved to offer modern turkish cuisine.

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Eastern inspired menus containing a selection of mezze and main dishes such as Duck Kapama, Fallafel and Pasha Feast. Why not take a look...


Extensive menu of mouthwatering and refreshing drinks. See our drinks menu...


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301 Upper Street, London, N1 2TU